My mission

is to help executives get better results with less stress by increasing their ability to lead consciously and leverage the collective intelligence of their teams.
Robert has provided me with invaluable insights by asking the right questions. He has the tremendous ability to help people who are trying to find the answers, but aren’t sure where to look. Not only has he helped me create thought provoking ideas; he has helped to unlock feelings of happiness and joy that were stifled by past disappointments.
Dayton, OH
I received coaching from Robert for a few months and within that time, I’ve made drastic changes in my lifestyle. Prior to my experience with him, I had no idea what coaching was or what he would be able do to for me! To my surprise, he can work with people in any situation and in any field of business. Not only did he provide me with the mental energy to push forward with my immediate goals, our sessions also opened doors for me to start a new business venture. I will definitely have more sessions with him in the future. Thanks, Robert!
New York, NY
When I started my own business, I asked Robert to coach me and the results have been stellar. Working with Robert is certainly worth the investment.
Midland Park, NJ